Opportunity Seekers

Dear Partner,

If you are interested in starting your own business or simply opening another source of income to better your finances, we have a special program for you.

We want to get you started on becoming a reseller of one of the most sold products in America for reducing body measures and boosting self confidence in women and men alike.

Our Compression garments will leave your clients feeling so comfortable and confident, they will keep coming back for more. We have all kinds of styles and designs you can choose from according to your client’s needs. The places where Compression garments are mostly in demand are as numerous as they are varied. Here are some of them: Plastic Surgery Clinics, Maternity Stores, Plus size stores, Medical pharmacies, Gyms, Hair salons, Weight loss centers, Yoga centers, Lingerie stores, Fetish stores, just to name a few. So if you happen to have connections in any of these markets, you’re off to a great start. If not, you will get known fairly quickly by being the person who sells the highest quality Compression garments in the market.

Our program is based on an initial purchase, of what we call a “mini stock”. It consists of  2 to 3 samples of each of the designs we carry, or at least of the ones you have decided to start your business with, and then you can grow from there. The re-sellers we currently work with, order between 10 to 100 compression garments a month, and it tends to grow as they get more skilled in their selling techniques and as their own marketing or word of mouth lands them more customers.

We of course give our resellers wholesale prices that vary depending on the amount purchased. Please contact us by wrting to: salesrep1@queenesthergirdle.com

We will be more than glad to guide you and get you started on opening another source of  cashflow to exponentialy multiply your monthly income.


Let’s make people feel confident,

Amparo Cardona